1. When did Nitro start?

In October 2005. We started franchising in 2008

2. Is inventory included in the business starter package fee or franchise fee?

No. Inventory Fee is separate.

3. Branches of Nitro Franchise

Tayabas Quezon

Alfonso Cavite

Mariveles , Bataan

Business Starter Stores:

Naga City

Surigao City

Roxas City

Molino, Cavite

Cauayan, Isabela

Pamplona, Cagayan

4. Minimum store requirement

 At least 10-15 square meters

5. How many employees do I need?

1 Male staff and 1 mechanic

6.  How are deliveries made?

Some suppliers directly deliver items but some suppliers ship via freight forwarders (trucking) and they deliver stocks to you for a certain fee(per box). Most areas have trucking.

7. What type of training do you provide?

Basic and moderate training for the mechanic. We also train staff who does not know anything about motorcycles.

We also have a separate training for the franchisee/client .

8. If  the client staff trains with Nitro, do they shoulder the expenses (boarding and other expenses).


9. What items are included in the 75,000 initial inventory(stocks)?

Fast moving items only like Lubricants, Parts, Accessories, Bearing  & tires.

10. How long will I recover my investment?

1 to 3 years. It depends on the location, investment and performance of owner.

11. Do we provide consignment to our items?


12. Do we have a trademark of Nitro?


13. Our we member of a franchise association?

Yes. We are member of FIFA(Filipino International Franchise Association)

14. Is the franchise fee or business starter package fee refundable?