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  I have a confession to make. First of all, I didn’t know anything about motorcycle parts. Even the idea of putting up a business was alien to my passive nature. So in October 2005 when I partnered with my brother and started Nitro Motorcycle Parts and Accessories in Candelaria, Quezon, those who knew me were shocked. My relatives thought it was too risky because I was a novice and I might lose money in this venture. The discouragement scared me I almost ditched the idea. But good thing I didn’t! Who would think Nitro Motorcycle Parts and Accessories would become the number one motorcycle parts shop in Candelaria after just a few months of opening? I am not sure what exactly happened. All I remember was we kept on spreading the word about our motorcycle shop. We told friends and common friends, distributed flyers, did promotional tricks, etc. We worked hard selling the shop our style, and we made sure our system was working by mere common sense. We didn’t know market competition. We’re so focused on the favorable results of our promotional efforts and the queue of clients visiting us daily that we didn’t bother about the whining of competitor shops in the area accusing us of predatory pricing. Fortunately, the barangay officials dismissed the complaint since they’re convinced that our low pricing was due to direct sourcing from importers. I guess that’s the early price for having a healthy profit margin. I know it's scary to start your own business because it's risky but it's a calculated risk. I think there are already thoughts lingering in your mind like what if my business is not successful? What will my friends and relatives say if I'm not successful? How will I feel if I didn't make it? What if I just invest my money in the bank? I know how you feel. Just by thinking all these negative thoughts, it will send shivers to your spine. It's a good thing we understand how to you feel and we are here to guide you to succeed. I know that you have made BIG sacrifices for your family. I know that working abroad is hard but you did it for your loved ones. I understand you because I also made sacrifices for my family. By having your own business, you will be able to stay permanently here in our country. In addition, you will be with your loved ones. At present, Nitro Motorcycle Parts and Accessories has three (1) company-owned branch in Quezon province and (3) three franchised outlets in Tayabas City, Alfonso Cavite & Marivele& Bataan. It’s clear that Nitro Motorcycle Parts and Accessories has dominated Candelaria. Our next plan now is to capture the outskirts, and we mean the whole Philippines. Ambitious? Not really. What we want is to share this success with you by franchising Nitro Motorcycle Parts and Accessories. In addition, we will teach you the secrets on how to give outstanding customer service which sets us apart from our competition. I understand that this will be a big step for you because you are entering into a new phase. You will need around P313,000 to start.Unlike our humble beginnings, you will be given step-by-step coaching in running the motorcycle parts enterprise until your business reaches its full potential. In addition, we will teach you the secrets on how to give outstanding customer service which sets us apart from our competition. Currently, we do not offer our franchise package, we have a new package called business starter package. It is like franchse package before but you get to choose your own business name and you are not tied up with us. However we give you the same support that you need to be succesfull. With this business, we will help you achieve financial independence. Please take a careful look at the following details:  

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