About Us

Nitro Motorcycle Parts and Accessories was established as the first motorcycle store in Candelaria. Motorcycle enthusiasts and motorcycle-for-hire drivers formed a large percentage of Nitro’s clientele. At present, Nitro has evolved into Nitro Business Consultancy and provides assistance to those seeking information on how to start their own motorcycle businesses. Nitro is primed to become a motorcycle-parts brand in 2017.


Nitro is part of Thryllos, Inc, one of the fastest growing companies in the Philippines today. Its business roots can be traced back to Candelaria, Quezon. There, Estanislao Licup, an entrepreneur with a vision of providing his customers with quality and dependable service, first established a Tableria in 1908. Now, more than a hundred years later, his vision still serves as the guiding principle for his descendants who are at the helm of Thryllos, Inc., steering the company towards more achievements in the 21st century.

Nitro Motorcycle Parts & Accessories’ vision is to setup shops in every municipality in the Philippines.

We are a proud member of FIFA(Filipino International Franchise Association)

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Our main office is located at Ground Floor Central Building, Salazar St, Brgy Poblacion. Candelaria, Quezon